1. The Krishi Kumbh e-magazine will be published in every monthly issue. 

2. Monthly issue would be published on 2nd  week of every months.

3. First Author or All authors of the article must be an annual/life member of Krishi Kumbh E-Magazine.

4. Articles must be sent in only .doc, .docx, MS-Word format send to  

5. Article submitted in pdf form will be rejected.

6. Article should be in Kruti Dev 010 or Kruti Dev 210 Font in 14 Font Size with 1.15 spacing are accepted.

7. Article should not be more than 2-4 pages.

8. Articles must be informative, innovative and trending.

9. It is the responsibility of the authors to make sure that their content is authentic.

10. Plagiarized article will not be published in our Magazine, however if any plagiarized article published, Magazine will not be responsible and it would be sole responsibility of the author. ​

11. Our magazine board & reviewers will not check for Plagiarism

12. The published article in the respective e- Magazine shall be dropped in your e- mail. You can also download the same from the website of

13. Chief Editor and Editorial Board has all rights to reject an article which is against the publishing guidelines of Krishi Kumbh e- magazine.

14. Article has not been sent for publication or published elsewhere.

15. Author agrees to guidelines and terms, conditions of our magazine.

All authors would be assigned a membership certificate and unique membership id. after payment of membership fees.